Brooch Martisor Brosa - red and white string

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The Chimney Sweeper, 4 leaf Clover (Shamrock) and Ladybug (Ladybird / Buburuza) Mărţişor lucky charm is a brooch tied with a red and white entwined cord - a joyful way of celebrating Spring. On March 1, men offer women martisoare, which, according to the tradition, a symbol of friendship, love, appreciation and respect. You can also offer this martisor to a girl or a boy.
Do you have friends, acquaintances or relatives of Romanian, Moldavian, Macedonian, Greek or Bulgarian origin? Do you want to surprise them? Then this is the gift you are looking for. On March 1, give the 'Martisor', 'Martenitsa ", 'мартеница ' or 'μάρτης' to them and they will be surprised and delighted. Do not forget to leave one “Martisor” for yourself.

You can learn more about the history of Martisor on our Magpie Gems blog post (click HERE).).

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