As the festive season approaches, I at Magpie Gems am filled with gratitude for the stories I've been privileged to craft into jewellery this year. As you prepare to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year, I want to share some important dates and options for your holiday orders.

Holiday Ordering and Shipping:

To ensure your Magpie Gems pieces are under the tree in time for Christmas morning, please note the last day for posting orders is December 21st at noon. I encourage you to place your orders well in advance to allow ample time for crafting and delivery. This season is about relaxation and joy, and I am committed to providing a seamless experience so you can focus on what truly matters.

Last-Minute Orders:

If you find that perfect piece late in the season, don't worry! Orders can still be placed after the 21st of December, but please be aware that they will be processed and shipped when I resume activity on January 8th. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I take a well-deserved break to recharge and find new inspirations for the coming year.

The Magpie Gems Pause:

From December 22nd to January 7th, Magpie Gems will be on a holiday hiatus. This pause allows me to spend precious time with family and friends, reflecting on the past year and planning for a bright 2023. Though I won't be active in the workshop, the website will eagerly welcome your orders throughout this period. Each order will be a top priority as soon as I return, crafted with the renewed energy and creativity that the new year brings.

A Year of Sparkling Stories:

Looking back at 2023, I am humbled by the stories you've entrusted to me. From commemorating milestones to celebrating everyday beauty, each piece of jewellery has been a labour of love and artistry. This year has been filled with incredible stories, each piece of jewellery representing a unique chapter in someone's life.

As I look forward to 2024, I am excited for the new stories, challenges, and creations that await, including the launch of Magpie Gems' new gift boxes to accompany your sterling silver jewellery.

Join Us in Celebration:

I invite you to explore our collection, perhaps finding that special something for yourself or a loved one. Let's bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024 with open hearts and sparkling dreams.

May your holiday season be merry, your Christmas bright, and your New Year filled with countless moments of joy and sparkle.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here's to a season filled with peace, love, and shimmering jewellery!

Happy Holidays and a Radiant New Year!

Warmest Wishes,


Founder and Jewellery Maker at Magpie Gems


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