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5 Multiple family birthstones necklace, Gift boxed from IrelandSilver Family Birthstone Necklace
Silver Family Birthstone Necklace
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Three generations triple crystal stone necklace in sterling silver by Magpie Gems Cork IrelandThree Generations Triple Birthstone Necklace
Two Hearts, One Reflection NecklaceThe Two Hearts, One Reflection Necklace is a timeless piece that celebrates the beauty of love and the shared journey of two people. With its elegant design, high-quality craftsmanship, and meaningful symbolism, this necklace is a perfect reflection of love and the commitment that endures through time.
The Golden Moments Double Hoop Necklace features two overlapping circles in elegant sterling silver, representing the interconnectedness of two lives and the shared experiences that have brought them closer together.
Infinity Reflection Necklace in Sterling Silver – An elegant infinity symbol intertwined with a delicate heart, hanging from a silver chain.

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