Eternal Threads of Gold: Timeless Symbols of Love and Faith

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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Handcrafted 14k Gold Cross Bracelet with Red Macrame CordClose-up of 14k Gold Cross on Red Macrame Cord Bracelet
Eternal Blessings 14k Gold Adjustable Cross Bracelet
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Front view of the Hearts of Harmony Solid Gold Bracelet showcasing the intertwined 14k gold hearts on a vibrant red string.Side angle displaying the delicate 14k solid gold bead accents on the Hearts of Harmony Bracelet.
Zoomed-in photos of the bracelets, focusing on the quality of the gold beads and the texture of the red string to highlight craftsmanship and material excellence.Spectrum Symphony – Mixed Bead Gold Bracelets Set
Frontal display of the 'Sevenfold Path' Gold Bracelet featuring seven 14k gold beads arranged on Magpie Gems' iconic red string.Intimate side view of the 'Sevenfold Path' Gold Bracelet, showcasing the seven gold beads and intricate handcrafting.
The 'Quintessence Circle' Bracelet front view with five evenly spaced 14k gold beads against the Magpie Gems signature red string.Side perspective of the 'Quintessence Circle' Bracelet, revealing the lustrous beauty of the quintet of gold beads
Three 14k solid gold beads aligned on Magpie Gems' 'Trio of Harmony' Bracelet, set against a vivid red string backdrop.Side view of the 'Trio of Harmony' Bracelet, focusing on the trio of polished 14k gold beads.
Eternal Crimson Thread Bracelet featuring a luminous 14k solid gold bead centrepiece on a vivid red string, handcrafted in Ireland.Close-up of the 14k solid gold bead on the adjustable Eternal Crimson Thread Bracelet, showcasing exquisite Irish craftsmanship.

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