Which Ankle Should You Wear an Ankle Bracelet On?

Ankle BraceletLavinia Untea

Discover the tradition and style of wearing anklets. Learn which ankle to wear your ankle bracelet on, explore historical and cultural contexts, and get style tips from Magpie Gems.

Which Ankle Should You Wear an Ankle Bracelet On?

Ankle BraceletLavinia Untea

Discover the tradition and style of wearing anklets. Learn which ankle to wear your ankle bracelet on, explore historical and cultural contexts, and get style tips from Magpie Gems.

Silver Earrings for Sensitive Ears made for girls and women in Ireland

Discover the Perfect Earrings for Sensitive Ears in Ireland

Comfortable earrings IrelandLavinia Untea
Finding the perfect earrings for sensitive ears is essential for comfort and style. At Magpie Gems, we offer a stunning collection of hypoallergenic earrings crafted from nickel-free sterling silver and available in luxurious 24k gold and 18k rose gold plating. Explore our range and adorn your ears with elegance and comfort.
A stylish and meaningful image showcasing popular jewellery symbols, including hearts, infinity symbols, and angel wings.

The Meaning Behind Popular Jewellery Symbols

Angel Wing JewelleryLavinia Untea
Discover the meaning behind popular jewellery symbols with Magpie Gems. Learn about the symbolism of hearts, infinity symbols, angel wings, and more, and how to choose and wear symbolic jewellery.

What Do You Call an Ankle Bracelet?

Ankle BraceletLavinia Untea

Discover the enchanting world of anklets, also known as ankle bracelets. Learn about their rich history, cultural significance, and explore the diverse styles and designs at Magpie Gems. Adorn your ankle with elegance and meaning.

Celebrating New Beginnings: Pregnancy and Childbirth in Ireland

ChildbirthLavinia Untea

Celebrate the journey of pregnancy and childbirth with meaningful silver jewellery gifts from Magpie Gems. Discover how Irish traditions honour new beginnings and explore thoughtful gift ideas for expectant mothers and fathers.

A stylish and sophisticated image showcasing mixed-metal and mixed-style jewellery combinations, incorporating various pieces like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Tips for Mixing and Matching Different Metals and Styles

Jewellery StylesLavinia Untea
Discover practical tips for mixing and matching different metals and styles in jewellery. Magpie Gems offers expert advice on creating unique and stylish looks.
Vibrant display of birthday-themed sterling silver jewellery including a Claddagh ring and a family birthstone bracelet, artistically arranged with brand colours symbolising Irish birthday traditions.

Celebrating Birthdays in Ireland: Traditions, Symbolism, and Silver Jewellery

Birthstone JewelleryLavinia Untea

Dive into the cherished birthday traditions of Ireland, where each year adds to the tapestry of life, celebrated with family, friends, and meaningful gifts like bespoke silver jewellery from Magpie Gems.

Timeless jewellery trends that never go out of style, featuring classic and elegant pieces like pearl necklaces, diamond solitaires, hoop earrings, charm bracelets, and stud earrings.

Timeless Jewellery Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Classic JewelleryLavinia Untea
Discover timeless jewellery trends that never go out of style. Magpie Gems offers expert advice on classic and elegant pieces that stand the test of time.
Affectionate grandmother in a cozy sweater smiles as she opens a gift box revealing a Tree of Life necklace with colorful birthstones, symbolizing family unity and love, in a warm living room setting.

Cherished Gifts for Grandmothers: Celebrating Her with Magpie Gems

Custom Jewellery for GrandmothersLavinia Untea
Discover the perfect gifts for every grandmother in your life with Magpie Gems. Whether celebrating her birthday, Christmas, or the joyous occasion of becoming a grandmother, our handcrafted jewellery offers timeless elegance and a personal touch. Explore our guide to find meaningful pieces that tell stories of love and legacy, beautifully capturing the essence of your admiration for her.
Close-up of a woman's hands gently untangling two intricately knotted sterling silver necklaces on a pale pink velvet surface, illustrating the delicate process of jewellery care.

Jewellery Hacks: How to Effortlessly Untangle Necklaces

DIY Jewellery TipsLavinia Untea

Welcome to Magpie Gems, where we believe that every piece of jewellery should bring joy, not frustration. One common issue many jewellery lovers face is tangled necklaces. It can be incredibly frustrating to deal with knotted chains, especially when you're in a hurry. Fortunately, there are simple and effective methods to untangle your necklaces without causing damage. From using baby powder to applying olive oil, let’s dive into these handy jewellery hacks to keep your necklaces looking pristine and ready to enhance your outfit with grace.

Artistic display of anniversary-themed jewellery, featuring elegant rings and matching accessories, set against a backdrop of deep blue, vibrant pink, and light turquoise, symbolising the celebration of enduring love in Ireland.

Celebrating Anniversaries in Ireland with Sterling Silver Jewellery

Anniversaries in IrelandLavinia Untea

Explore the charm and tradition of celebrating anniversaries in Ireland, where love and commitment are honoured through romantic gestures and the gift of beautifully crafted jewellery. Learn about the unique ways Irish couples commemorate their milestones.

June Birthstone Jewellery by Magpie Gems featuring Austrian Crystal Light Amethyst and Crystal Pearl stones.

June Birthstones: Explore Magpie Gems’ Light Amethyst and Pearl Jewellery Collection

Austrian Crystal JewelleryLavinia Untea
Discover the beauty of June's birthstones, light amethyst and pearl, through Magpie Gems' stunning Austrian Crystal Light Amethyst and Crystal Pearl jewellery collection.
A woman unclipping two necklaces, one a delicate silver chain and the other a longer necklace with a pendant, and connecting them at one end.

Jewellery Hack: Effortlessly Wear Two Necklaces at Once Without Tangles

Austrian CrystalsLavinia Untea

Discover a brilliant jewellery hack from Magpie Gems: effortlessly wearing two necklaces at once for a chic, tangle-free layered look. Learn how to wrap and connect your favourite pieces to elevate your style with ease.