Meet the owner, designer and maker of Magpie Gems  Simple Silver Jewellery, local shop in Cork Ireland

 Making dreams of sparkly things come true!

Hi! I’m Lavinia and with Magpie Gems, my jewellery collection, I have found my sparkle and place in my new home in Ireland. I’m originally from Romania, and since 2008, I am living with my husband and two children in Cork, Ireland. I’m proud to be an Irish citizen and to have my own jewellery business celebrating all things stylish, colourful and sparkling. As a young girl growing up in Romania, grey was the dominant colour, there wasn’t space in Romanian society in the 80’s to express femininity or creativity.

When I flew the nest, the bright lights of New York attracted my attention, followed by a globe-trotting life working on cruise ships and finally shining my bright light on Ireland. And it is here, in my adopted homeland, where I have thrived and given expression to my creativity by designing and making jewellery for my brand, Magpie Gems. As is everyone’s story, my life journey has been a challenging but inspiring story, similar to many other migrants. The process has helped me find my own identity, grow and express my creative self. I love that I can now breath more deeply and grow my roots. Magpie Gems is a part of me and helps me express my passion for colour, sparkle and style, with crystals from Swarovski® and nickel free sterling silver.

I loved designing and making jewellery with magical sparkle. I know we can be cynical of the phrase “Do what you love” as a cliché, but with jewellery is all about people and our journey in life. Make it as best as you can.”

I've always had a passion for creating jewellery. After learning how pointless expensive jewellery may be, I started to think that I could make a difference. I want everyone to be able to afford them, therefore I'm going to keep the prices reasonable without compromising the quality. I hope you find joy in the little sparkly things in life.

If you have any questions feel free to email me: or phone +353 (0)877053101.